Artful Care and Covid 19

“Things done well, and with a care, exempt themselves from fear” – Shakespeare

It is March 2020 and like so many others my plans, my movements and my work has had to change radically in the last few weeks. This unprecedented situation has made me wonder how to respond and I’ve been heartened by some actions I’ve learnt of and have been dismayed by others.

My street and my neighbourhood are organising – and there are uplifting accounts of new forms of kindness and solidarity. In reading and witnessing a number of these, I wanted to find a way of recording them and ensuring that in the coming weeks and months, these examples of the art and craft of care were not lost.

So the purpose of this blog is to provide a place for friends, colleagues and strangers to share examples of artful care – and I will try to maintain it as best as I can. More broadly I will try and keep a record of the many artistic responses to Covid. We can worry about categories later! Anything shared here is open to anyone to use but please be sensitive to confidentiality and copyright issues in your jurisdiction.

There is a response box below the first post – please leave links, comments there.

James Thompson @JamesThomp

I am a researcher at the University of Manchester and write about care aesthetics or ‘artful care’.


A starter collection of resources for artists or community members. Some of these are region specific. Funding and Commissions available for affected artists: Support resources for (mainly) US-based performance artists – Funding for theatre initiatives that respond to these times (Farnham Maltings) – The Federation of Drama School Libraries have put together…

Challenges, contests, daily activities

There are a large number of emerging offers of daily challenges and activities – some documented here. Daily activities from The Cares Family – time specific but fun. 64 Million Artists’ “Create to Connect”: one creative task/day – 2 week, daily creative challenges sent to anyone wishing for creative stimulation. “Submit a Monologue” initiative…

‘Stay at home’ theatre, performances and festivals

A list of some of the work for at home audiences and participants. Italy’s International Opera Choir sings (in isolation) a thank you to medical workers (Link at end of the article below) Richard Dedomenici’s Coronavirus Song Contest – GIFT FESTIVAL – Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra – “From us, For You” – Orchestra…

Support networks for theatre-makers

Thanks to Réka Polonyi for these. Links from Improbable Theatre company’s mailing list: Facebook group: UK Theatre Industry Coronavirus SupportFacebook group: Anti-viral work for freelancers and small businessesSlack (instant messaging) group: London Theatre CommunityCOVID-19 Freelance Artist Resources (see “International Resources” section for UK-specific resources); similar list for UK artists here and hereFunding: Funds for Freelancers: financial resource for actors, creatives and ushers working…

Links for creative responses

This is a tiny list – I’ll make it more systematic in due course. If you have any links feel free to post below and I will add them. General articles Manchester responses Creative Social Distancing Singing from balconies (and bingo!) Rainbows in windows Theatre/Performance companies Facebook…

Crafting care in time of Covid 19

If people post links or comments in the box below I will make sure they are saved, and also where possible re-post them in the main blog section here. This is simply a space to record and celebrate the creative acts of care that are helping us move through these difficult times. The art of…