Crafting care in time of Covid 19

If people post links or comments in the box below I will make sure they are saved, and also where possible re-post them in the main blog section here. This is simply a space to record and celebrate the creative acts of care that are helping us move through these difficult times.

The art of responding that has gained most online traction to date has been accounts of Italians, locked down in their homes, making music across balconies. This is one example of many. These acts show the craft of the way people look out for and look after each other. And they’ve made uplifting viewing for many. In these examples, we have people meeting the challenge of social distancing through creative means. Whether banging a tambourine, playing the accordion, singing with enthusiastic abandon, or having a balcony boogie, it has demonstrated a human desire for remaining in touch, and also reaching out to others.

While I would love to hear about examples of artistic responses here – it’d also be great to hear of what might be called aesthetic responses. These might be practices that don’t fall within the traditional category of the arts – but have a certain flare, creativity and craft. This might be as simple as the act of shopping and leaving a bag of groceries for an elderly neighbour done with a certain degree of attention. Or more obviously, the craft and warmth of health professionals as they work with patients in stunningly considered and beautifully skilled ways. Or maybe examples from schools, such as teachers who exhibit a sense of presence, poise and calm in speaking to and reassuring their pupils. Or maybe in countless examples of young people’s acts of kindness – maybe as simple as when a child rings their grandparent and makes them laugh.

Thanks, and take care.

James T

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